Our dream came true & @livenation agreed to host our ALBUM RELEASE PARTY at @thepeppermintclub on Sept. 2nd!!! Will you be there??? Check our website for some surprises… 😱

ONLY 7 LOSE CONTROL TOUR shirts left!!!

ONLY 7 LOSE CONTROL TOUR shirts left!!! 🥵🚨😱 Who needs one!? This is a great way to get some exclusive threads and support us for our next tour! Can’t wait to see you all sooner than you think 🙃 Claim…

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Choose Your Character 

We know what you’re thinking... and yes, this does take immense skill. 💥

Bassist of Poe the Passenger strikes a pose with 2 Fender Basses at their home studio.

Reflecting and Writing 

This time away from shows has been about reflecting and writing... what’s your lockdown hobby? 

Poe the Passenger's bassist Matt writes from their apartment in Los Angeles, CA.




#lockdown #whatsyourhobby #lockdownhobby #basic #poethepassenger #2021 #bassistofinstagram #bandsofinstagram #instamusicdaily…

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