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Satirical New Rock Anthem 'SWEET TALK'

“Sweet Talk”, Poe the Passenger’s new single, is a satirical commentary on the phoney Hollywood culture packaged in an alt-rock, up beat, and humorous anthem. The critical lyrics are paired with guitar-forward hooks, heart-pounding kicks, and electric aesthetics. All together…

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EL CID on 11/21 Poe Poster

Jeff loves movie posters and has a blast designing them. Here's our spoof of Ford V. Ferrari as we get geared up to hit the stage 11/21 at El Cid in Silverlake, CA. 


The new single 'Say It Again' is all yours, Passengers. A youthful summer anthem with both nostalgic and modern vibes sure to get you to hit the next 'Dance Yourself Clean' dancefloor. This record was such a journey. Produced by…

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SILVERLAKE LOUNGE :: 11/8/19 ? Lily O. 


The Silverlake Lounge got sweaty. A huge thank you to everyone that came out and danced with us. Some of you Passengers were even shouting lyrics back at us. Til the next one...