From the recording ALINEA (DELUXE)

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Written by Jeff Pridgen, Trent Marderosian & Matt Rosenblum
Produced by Jim Kaufman


SPIRIT :: lyrics

Something inside me is waking up
Forming an alliance with enough
it’s never too late to find yourself
Cuz’ there’s a spirit
can you hear it?
something inside me is waking up


You’ve been asleep now it’s time to atone
who are we when you’re all alone?
Reality lost in a crisis
identity deep in their pockets

You hardened your heart and took a piece of your soul
sold the remains for a foolish gold
you bet it all but you lost it
now put the nail in your coffin


When will we learn that change comes from within?


Why do we sink when the water is low
drown in a pool of our own shadow
stuck with ourselves and caught in the middle
you know it’s better when you and I
say that it’s do or die
practical suicide
And missing the love
the enemy hypnotized
stumbling to decide
Know that enough is enough is enough